May 6, 2021

Waldkliniken Eisenberg


Waldkliniken Eisenberg has been welcoming its patients to its new building on October 31st. After ten years of development, planning and construction, it is now offering patients of all health insurance companies the quality stay of a star-rated hotel.

The house designed by Matteo Thun not only offers unique architecture, first-class design, high-quality and natural materials. But with the concept of the “Healing Architecture” a house that actively supports patients in their recovery.

The circular floor plan of the house really allows every patient a view into the nature of the Saale-Holzland district. Each of the patient rooms – all of which correspond to a high hotel standard – also has access to a winter garden.

But the house has even more to offer: among other things, smart IT provides the patients with all the important information before, during and after their visit, three restaurants offer dishes that do not taste like the regular food in hospitals.

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