Innovative flush technology.

AXENT.Infinity is our innovative flushing technology offering crucial advantages compared to conventional flushing systems.

Infinity Flush

A new generation of water dynamics.

Unlike other toilets, AXENT.Infinity develops a powerful vortex water circulation to accelerate the water flow. The centrifugal force simply flushes waste away while cleaning the entire surface of the ceramic bowl, leaving nothing behind. The injection water outlets positioned at the side of the bowl propel water at maximum speed and accuracy to create a precise, splash-free flushing momentum. The AXENT.Infinity system uses less water than conventional toilets, is easier to clean and provides maximum hygiene protection due to its antibacterial and easy to clean finish.

The water outlets propel water at maximum speed and accuracy to create a precise, splash-free flush. In doing so, it combines two different technologies in one.


Another great idea goes down the drain.

AXENT.Infinity technology can drain waste much further than regular toilets. Potential blockages in commercial and residential buildings are, as a result, lower. Longer-lasting safety against drain blockage solves one of the most important issues faced by architects, plumbers and building managers around the world. Despite its power, AXENT.Infinity is very efficient. It actually uses less water than a conventional 6 litre toilet. That reduces energy use (cleaning wastewater is an energy-intensive process) and saves money at home. That’s the AXENT.Infinity footprint.


Hush, you can't even hear the flush.

AXENT.Infinity creates a powerful yet extremely quiet vortex water flow that cleans the whole bowl. Flushing with a standard toilet is as loud as using a vacuum cleaner to clean the house. AXENT.Infinity Silentium is much quieter. It reduces the toilet flush noise to below the level of conversational speech. Now that sounds great, doesn’t it?

0 15 30 45 60 75 90 dB - 22% 1 2 3 4 5 Time (s)
Standard flush

Maximum flushing noise decibel level

Easy Clean
Glazed siphon

Inspiring glazing technology.

AXENT.Infinity Guard is the ultimate protection for your toilet. The ceramic is produced with a special glaze based on a balanced mix of silver and titanium ions. It has excellent antibacterial properties and reduces the growth of germs and bacteria on the ceramic. The toilet seat and the cover have an additional antibacterial finish and have been proven to actually reduce the growth of germs and bacteria by up to 99,9%! In addition, all essential touch points are coated with AXENT Easy Clean making cleaning a breeze. The toilet lid and cover, if heavily soiled, can easily be removed, cleaned and remounted.

Soft-closing mechanism
Quick Release

The best seat in the house.

Whether you have a “less is more” or “more is more” philosophy towards your bathroom décor, AXENT.Infinity will help you express your creativity. Choose between the Urban, Epic and Aura toilet seats.Together with AXENT.Infinity you will have the most popular design shape to fit every bathroom design.

Smart Fix

From inspiration to installation.

When you’re installing a toilet alone, it can be difficult to get everything aligned. AXENT Smart Fix is the ingenious solution. It is simple, pre-assembled and self-supporting. Installation is quick and intuitive – just plug and fit. All you need is inside the supplied box.

Installation is done through the top holes of the toilet seat fixation. No measuring of any bowls is needed, and the toilet can easily be installed by one person alone. The greatest ideas are sometimes the simplest.

Where hygiene is paramount.

Rimless and rimfree toilets are recognised innovations. Although they may not look much different to standard toilets on the outside, reducing the rim makes a huge difference inside. AXENT.Infinity offers two different solutions in one.

Hybrid rim

AXENT.Infinity is the world’s first toilet with a hybrid rim. The back of the bowl is rimfree, while the front is rimless to help prevent urine splashes on the ceramic, under the seat. With no inner rim AXENT.Infinity is much easier to clean and therefore more hygienic than conventional toilets.


With no inner rim AXENT.Infinity is much easier to clean and therefore more hygienic than conventional toilets. The powerful AXENT.Infinity Flush rinses the entire pan more effectively. Bacteria and limescale are simply washed away, thus minimising the risk of infection. All you need to keep your toilet clean is a cloth.