AXENT.ONE C toilet rimfree
AXENT.ONE C toilet rimfree
With Infinity Flush Technology

Water dynamics redefined.

AXENT.ONE C with Infinity Flush Technology is the perfect solution to deal with dirt, toilet paper and urine – using what is probably the world’s most powerful water vortex. The accelerated centrifugal force whisks all waste material away, swiftly and reliably, leaving nothing behind but a sparkling clean toilet. It is easy to clean and, thanks to its antibacterial surface, offers maximum hygiene protection. AXENT.ONE C with Infinity Flush uses less water than conventional toilets.

Hush, you can't even hear the flush. Hush, you can't even hear the flush.
With Infinity Silentium Technology

Hush, you can't even hear the flush.

AXENT.ONE C with Infinity Silentium creates a powerful but silent vortex flow of water that swirls to cover and clean the whole bowl. Flushing with a standard toilet is as loud as using a vacuum cleaner to clean the house. AXENT.Infinity Silentium is much quieter. It reduces the toilet flush noise to below the level of conversational speech. Now that sounds great, doesn’t it?

0 15 30 45 60 75 90 dB - 22% 1 2 3 4 5 Zeit (s)
Standard Flush

Maximum flushing noise decibel level

With Infinity Performance Technology

Another great idea goes down the drain.

AXENT.ONE C with Infinity Performance technology can drain waste much further than regular toilets. Potential blockages in commercial and residential buildings are, as a result, lower. Longer-lasting safety against drain blockage solves one of the most important issues faced by architects, plumbers and building managers around the world.

Despite its power, AXENT.ONE C is very efficient. It actually uses less water than a conventional 6 litre toilet. That reduces energy use (cleaning wastewater is an energy-intensive process) and saves money at home. That’s the AXENT footprint.

Rimfree toilet

Leaner means cleaner.

It’s quite simple, really: if there’s no rim, then there’s nowhere for limescale and bacteria to hide. That’s why AXENT.Infinity doesn’t have an inner rim. As a result, the toilet is easier to clean and therefore more hygienic than conventional models.

The powerful AXENT.Infinity Flush rinses the whole bowl swiftly and effectively. Bacteria and limescale won’t even get a look-in. This clever design means all you need is a cloth to keep your toilet clean. And because you’ll be using fewer cleaning products, you’ll be helping the environment, too.

Leaner means cleaner.
With Infinity Guard

The new standard in protective coating.

AXENT.ONE C with Infinity Guard ensures ultimate protection for your toilet against germs and bacteria. This special ceramic glaze contains silver ions, which reduce microbial growth to an absolute minimum. The bowl, toilet seat and lid all boast excellent antibacterial properties and reduce bacterial load by up to 99.9%. The bowl is also coated with AXENT Easy Clean to make cleaning a cinch.

The new standard in protective coating.

Inspirational choices for your home.

Whether you have a “less is more” or “more is more” philosophy towards your bathroom décor, AXENT.ONE C will help you express your creativity. Choose between the Urban, Epic and Aura toilet seats. Either way, you will have the most popular design shape to fit your bathroom design.

AXENT.ONE C toilet rimfree | Features
AXENT.ONE C toilet rimfree | Features
AXENT.ONE C toilet rimfree | Features
AXENT.ONE C toilet rimfree | Features



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